Capiz Shell Globe Chandelier

Capiz Shell Globe Chandelier is perfect for home, hotel and restaurant decoration. If you are into Japanese themed designs, you’ll definitely love this. It’s available in any sizes from 6 inches diameter to 22 inches diameter. This chandeliers never goes out of place because you can put it anywhere at your house, may it be indoor or outdoor.


Hanging Capiz Globe Chandelier made of capiz shell chips pendant.

Available Sizes in cm / inches diameter:

a – 91.44cm / 36 inches diameter – Code: HGC36

b – 71.12cm / 28 inches diameter – Code: HGC28

c – 60.96cm / 24 inches diameter – Code: HGC24

d – 55.88cm / 22 inches diameter – Code: HGC22

e – 45.72cm / 18 inches diameter – Code: HGC18

f – 40.64 / 16 inches diameter – Code: HGC16

g – 30.48 / 12 inches diameter – Code: HGC12

h – 22.86 / 9 inches diameter – Code: HGC09

i – 20.31cm / 8 inches diameter – Code: HGC08

Available in any Sizes and Capiz Shapes


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    Capiz Shell Chandelier in Wooden Frames

    Capiz Shell chandelier is made of capiz a shell chips that are attached in wooden frames. This hanging chandelier can be decorated indoor or outdoor at your living room, foyers, terrace, or at any room that you wanted to see it. And if you’re planning for a sea side ambiance then this is what you’re looking for. Its shells give you the sea side ambiance that you’ve wanted. This goes with different designs, sizes and colors like natural, pastel and dark colors.

    Capiz Shell Chandelier made of capiz shell in wooden frames Collection:

    capiz shell chandelier

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      Capiz Shell Chandelier in Chrome Plated Frames

      Capiz Shell Chandelier in Chrome Plated Frames are made of capiz shell chip components. The capiz shell components are used for making affordable but high fashion Hanging Capiz Shell Chandeliers for interior decoration, modern looking design, contemporary architecture design or very classic modern lighting home decoration. These chandeliers add style to your living room, bedroom, and any part of your home. It also adds colors to an area if you choose the Capiz Chandelier in Colored Collection.

      Capiz Shell Chandelier Collection:capiz shell chandelier

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        Philippine Capiz Shell

        capiz shell chips

        Capiz Shell or windowpane oyster also known as Placuna Placenta for capiz scientific name. We can find this capiz shell about 300 plus ft down depth in the ocean which is also very abundant in the Philippines. In fact one of the province in the Philippines is named after the shell which is abundant and one of there main livelihood in that province.

        The raw shell of the capiz is the main materials for making such Philippine popular product for home decoration like capiz window pane, capiz curtains, capiz chandeliers, capiz lampshades, capiz Christmas lantern, capiz walling panels, capiz candle holders and also for Philippine fashion jewelries like capiz necklaces, capiz bracelets, capiz bangles, capiz earrings, capiz rings and many more.

        Philippine capiz is very popular shell for making native, natural and unique components for making handmade or natural Philippine products for export. Many other countries are buying raw of the capiz shell for there main materials or components for there products specially in furniture and architectural design business.

        During Christmas season, the capiz shell is very popular specially the colorful lighting parol or Christmas lantern made of capiz shell in melted. It can give more joyful and more relaxing if you can see the colorful dancing lights hanging in your home as decoration.

        Capiz Shell Decoration

        Capiz shell decoration specially as a gift or souvenirs like capiz lotus candle holder, capiz shell curtains, capiz picture frames, capiz Christmas lantern, capiz plates and holder made from the finest expert filipino capiz product makers which is one of the main manufacture for export quality home decors. In fact one of the province here in the Philippines named after the shell the Capiz Province which Roxas City is the capital and located in the western region parts in Visayas. The primary commercial livelihood in the Province of Capiz is the home decors which is made of abundant capiz shells in this area. Capiz shells locally known as mother of pearl shells which the translucent shell is commonly used as window panes during hispanic times and until now inthe Philippines and neighboring Asian country.

        Lotus Capiz Candle Holder, Capiz Candle Holder, Lotus Candle Holder, Capiz Shell Products

        Capiz shell candle holder perfectly for home decors, restaurant, churches, spas and many more most commonly used during at night or events. This capiz candle holder or the lotus candle holder design is perfect specially during romantic occasion or place.

        White Capiz Shell Curtains, Capiz Shell Curtains, Capiz Curtains, Capiz Shell Products

        Capiz shell curtains is most commonly used in window, door or kitchen decoration but some creative people is used on there private occasion or special events like beach weddings, anniversaries, reception or any other outdoor event for making more natural ambiance looking design.

        Capiz Picture Frames, Picture Frames, Capiz Shell Products,

        Capiz shell picture frames is one of the best perfect souvenirs specially in special occasion like weddings, baptism or any others. Perfect for the special day of moment you’ve shared and keeping your memories alive.

        Capiz Christmas Lantern, Capiz lantern, Capiz Shell Lantern, Capiz Shell products,

        Capiz shell lantern or most commonly called Christmas parol which is globally popular specially during Christmas season. Perfect as a gift to your special someone abroad as a precious home lights decoration during yuletide season.

        Capiz Shell Inlayed Plates, Capiz Shell Plates, Capiz Shell, Capiz Seashells, Philippine Capiz Shells, Capiz Shell Products,

        Capiz plates and capiz kitchen utensil is natural kitchen utensil decoration inlayed with capiz shell for making more adorable home decors. Most commonly used as decorative utensils for making your kitchen or dinning area more elegant and comfortable looking design.

        Capiz Shell Chandelier Home Decors Philippines

        Capiz Shell chandelier home decors Philippines is very popular decoration manufacturer for home and hotel decoration made of capiz shell chips and strands in chrome plated metal frames. For hanging or ceiling capiz chandeliers perfect for your home, hotel, resorts, condominium, residences and many more. Made from the finest filipino expert makers of all capiz shell product which is number one shellcraft manufacturer in the Philippines.

        Capiz Chandeliers, Hanging Capiz Chandeliers, Capiz Shell Chandeliers Square Capiz Chandeliers, Capiz Shell Chandeliers, Jumbo Size Capiz Chandelier, Big Capiz Chandeliers Capiz Globe Chandelier Lantern

        We have different kinds of hanging chandeliers, the chrome plated frame, wooden frames and big jumbo size chandeliers which is very perfect to your sala area and kitchen. Most of this chandeliers hang in high ceiling floor most in the hotels or modern houses. The very unique of this chandeleirs is made of capiz also known as Placuna Placenta or Windowpane Oyster locally also known as mother of pearl shell.

        Aside from natural white colors of capiz chips we have also different shapes like butterfly, stars, flower, square, rectangle and round to match your preferred colors in your desired looks or home design.

        Capiz Shell Chandelier 4 Story Design in natural white round shapes


        Capiz Shell Necklaces Fashion Jewelry

        The Philippines being a tropical country and is blessed with abundant indigenous materials of Mother Earth and with the skillful hands of our craftsmen, these materials are transformed into high-quality fashion jewelry products.  One thing about these jewelries is that it is Eco-friendly because it’s made up of raw materials.  There are various types of Philippines jewelries such as capiz shell necklaces and bracelet, wood necklace and bracelet, coco necklace, tribal necklace, bangles, earrings, and a lot more that is in high quality and uniquely designed.  These jewelries do not limit anybody from wearing it because it’s made for all ages.

        Fashion Necklaces made of Capiz Shell Components Collection:


        More Fashion Jewelries Collection: ( Click the Banner! )

        capiz shell necklaces, Philippines Jewelries Wholesale Collection
        capiz shell necklaces, Philippines Jewelry Wholesale Collection

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          Philippine Capiz Shell Components

          Philippine capiz shell components like capiz chips, capiz raws, capiz loose chips and capiz shell in strand. Philippine Capiz Shells is the main product components for making natural, native and unique Philippine handmade products like Philippines Jewelry, Home Decoration and even hotel interior decoration design.

          Capiz Shell Supply all  capiz raw, capiz chips, capiz loose, capiz strands and all capiz components which is very abundant and found in the Philippines.

          Capiz Shell Chips Components

          Capiz shells is belongs to the family of Placunidae a bivalve marine mollusk also known as Placuna Placenta or Windowpane Oyster which is very abundant in the island, Philippines. In fact one of the province named after this seashells for it’s very known as seafood capital of the Philippines. A first class province located in western portion of the Visayans region.

          Capiz Shell Chips Strands Raw Capiz Shells Capiz Shell Chips Loose Capiz Shell Chips

          The shell of the capiz is washed, dyed and cut into elegant natural design as a primary manufactured product for export any where in the world. Most popular capiz shell product used of all manufacturer specially in decorative product like chandeliers, lampshades, Christmas parol o Christmas lantern, picture frames, candle holder, curtains, walling panels and also fashion jewelry and fashion accessories.

          Capiz Shell Components

          Capiz Shell Plates for Souvenirs Home Decoration

          Capiz shell plates are handcrafted plates made out of capiz shells. This pearlescent plate gives your home a vintage look and a coastal ambiance. This would be a great gift idea or a souvenir. These plates can be a use as a room décor on your center piece table at your living room or a kitchen utensil to make your table more attractive and stylish to look. These plates would surely grab your visitors attention because of its uniqueness.


          capiz shell plates,Capiz Holders, Capiz Trays

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            Capiz Shell Lampshades Decoration

            Capiz Shell Lampshades Decoration manufacturer such as Table Lamps and Floor Lamps made of capiz shells for export worldwide. Available in chrome plated metal frame, body and base with electric fitting and bulb holder for making your room a wonderful lighting fixture. One thing how unique this lampshades is made of capiz shell which is very abundant specially in one of the province in the Philippines. You can ask or request any design of the capiz chips a side from round we have butterfly, flowers, stars, hearts, square and rectangle shapes. Available also in different colors as perfect as your desired home decors color.

             Capiz Table Lamp Shades, Capiz Table Lamps, Table Lampshades, Lampshades, Capiz Shell Products,

            Capiz table lamps maximum height is up to 24 inches from head frame to base and the capiz strands depend your length preferences, number of chips and it’s size. Perfect for your office table, bedroom lights, sala set table and many more.

            Capiz Floor Lamp Shades, Capiz Floor Lamps, Lamp Shades, Lampshades, Capiz Shell Products

            Capiz floor lamps height is up to 71 inches from head frame to base and the capiz strands depend your length preferences, number of chips and it’s size same as table lampshades. You can place indoor or outdoor because you can put more bulb holder for more lighting fixture sorround the place where you put. Perfect lights specially at night for making your home a wonderful elegant lifestyle.

            The head frames has 3 sizes which is 8.5 inches, 12 inches and 16 inches the base is 13.78 inches all chrome plated metal for making long last and elegant looking design.