Philippine Capiz Shell Components

Philippine capiz shell components like capiz chips, capiz raws, capiz loose chips and capiz shell in strand. Philippine Capiz Shells is the main product components for making natural, native and unique Philippine handmade products like Philippines Jewelry, Home Decoration and even hotel interior decoration design.

Capiz Shell Supply all capiz raw, capiz chips, capiz loose, capiz strands and all capiz components which is very abundant and found in the Philippines.

Capiz Shell Chips Components

Capiz shells is belongs to the family of Placunidae a bivalve marine mollusk also known as Placuna Placenta or Windowpane Oyster which is very abundant in the island, Philippines. In fact one of the province named after this seashells for it’s very known as seafood capital of the Philippines. A first class province located in western portion of the Visayans region.

Capiz Shell Chips Strands Raw Capiz Shells Capiz Shell Chips Loose Capiz Shell Chips

The shell of the capiz is washed, dyed and cut into elegant natural design as a primary manufactured product for export any where in the world. Most popular capiz shell product used of all manufacturer specially in decorative product like chandeliers, lampshades, Christmas parol o Christmas lantern, picture frames, candle holder, curtains, walling panels and also fashion jewelry and fashion accessories.

Capiz Shell Components