capiz shell chips

Capiz Shell or windowpane oyster also known as Placuna Placenta for capiz scientific name. We can find this capiz shell about 300 plus ft down depth in the ocean which is also very abundant in the Philippines. In fact one of the province in the Philippines is named after the shell which is abundant and one of there main livelihood in that province.

The raw shell of the capiz is the main materials for making such Philippine popular product for home decoration like capiz window pane, capiz curtains, capiz chandeliers, capiz lampshades, capiz Christmas lantern, capiz walling panels, capiz candle holders and also for Philippine fashion jewelries like capiz necklaces, capiz bracelets, capiz bangles, capiz earrings, capiz rings and many more.

Philippine capiz is very popular shell for making native, natural and unique components for making handmade or natural Philippine products for export. Many other countries are buying raw of the capiz shell for there main materials or components for there products specially in furniture and architectural design business.

During Christmas season, the capiz shell is very popular specially the colorful lighting parol or Christmas lantern made of capiz shell in melted. It can give more joyful and more relaxing if you can see the colorful dancing lights hanging in your home as decoration.

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