Capiz Shell Decoration

Capiz shell decoration specially as a gift or souvenirs like capiz lotus candle holder, capiz shell curtains, capiz picture frames, capiz Christmas lantern, capiz plates and holder made from the finest expert filipino capiz product makers which is one of the main manufacture for export quality home decors. In fact one of the province here in the Philippines named after the shell the Capiz Province which Roxas City is the capital and located in the western region parts in Visayas. The primary commercial livelihood in the Province of Capiz is the home decors which is made of abundant capiz shells in this area. Capiz shells locally known as mother of pearl shells which the translucent shell is commonly used as window panes during hispanic times and until now inthe Philippines and neighboring Asian country.

Lotus Capiz Candle Holder, Capiz Candle Holder, Lotus Candle Holder, Capiz Shell Products

Capiz shell candle holder perfectly for home decors, restaurant, churches, spas and many more most commonly used during at night or events. This capiz candle holder or the lotus candle holder design is perfect specially during romantic occasion or place.

White Capiz Shell Curtains, Capiz Shell Curtains, Capiz Curtains, Capiz Shell Products

Capiz shell curtains is most commonly used in window, door or kitchen decoration but some creative people is used on there private occasion or special events like beach weddings, anniversaries, reception or any other outdoor event for making more natural ambiance looking design.

Capiz Picture Frames, Picture Frames, Capiz Shell Products,

Capiz shell picture frames is one of the best perfect souvenirs specially in special occasion like weddings, baptism or any others. Perfect for the special day of moment you’ve shared and keeping your memories alive.

Capiz Christmas Lantern, Capiz lantern, Capiz Shell Lantern, Capiz Shell products,

Capiz shell lantern or most commonly called Christmas parol which is globally popular specially during Christmas season. Perfect as a gift to your special someone abroad as a precious home lights decoration during yuletide season.

Capiz Shell Inlayed Plates, Capiz Shell Plates, Capiz Shell, Capiz Seashells, Philippine Capiz Shells, Capiz Shell Products,

Capiz plates and capiz kitchen utensil is natural kitchen utensil decoration inlayed with capiz shell for making more adorable home decors. Most commonly used as decorative utensils for making your kitchen or dinning area more elegant and comfortable looking design.