Capiz Shell Chandelier Home Decors Philippines

Capiz Shell chandelier home decors Philippines is very popular decoration manufacturer for home and hotel decoration made of capiz shell chips and strands in chrome plated metal frames. For hanging or ceiling capiz chandeliers perfect for your home, hotel, resorts, condominium, residences and many more. Made from the finest filipino expert makers of all capiz shell product which is number one shellcraft manufacturer in the Philippines.

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We have different kinds of hanging chandeliers, the chrome plated frame, wooden frames and big jumbo size chandeliers which is very perfect to your sala area and kitchen. Most of this chandeliers hang in high ceiling floor most in the hotels or modern houses. The very unique of this chandeleirs is made of capiz also known as Placuna Placenta or Windowpane Oyster locally also known as mother of pearl shell.

Aside from natural white colors of capiz chips we have also different shapes like butterfly, stars, flower, square, rectangle and round to match your preferred colors in your desired looks or home design.

Capiz Shell Chandelier 4 Story Design in natural white round shapes