Capiz shell Walling Interior is the popular of all walling panels, tiles or decorative furniture today. Walling Panels, Shell Tiles, Wallpaper tiles or any kind of tile panels for interior design such as home, hotels, resorts, condominium, residences and many more made of capiz shells. It can be a bathroom wall tiles or kitchen tiles decoration for making very elegant natural beautiful design. Other designers mixed this in there favorite furniture such as table or bathroom mirror decoration.

Capiz Walling Panels, Shell Tiles, Shell Panels,

Some hotels and restaurant owners are very welling to buy this capiz walling panels because of it’s natural looking design but also the money back guaranteed amazing design. Perfect for any colors or design for your hotels or restaurant where ever you put this kind of walling interior panels.

Capiz walling panel is available in any colors as customers preference depending where they used this through interior or exterior wall panel. Made of capiz shell which is very abundant in a remote area in the Philippines, process and washed carefully by the filipino artist. During Hispanic time, capiz shell is used as window pane or any other home decors as components for making there house or home decoration.

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