Capiz shell jewelry manufacturer collection like necklaces, bracelets, bangles, earrings, rings and fashion handbags made of capiz shells as main components for wholesale export worldwide. The number one affordable manufacturer of all fashion jewelries and accessories made by the finest costume fashion jewelry expert makers in the Philippines. The designed is very competitive and unique because of it’s extra ordinary components which found only in the Philippines.

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Capiz shell necklace made of capiz or costume mixed with other components which is very abundant and found only in the Philippines. The most unique fashion creation jewelry necklaces perfect on everyday and important occasion as an alternative for those who can’t afford rare luxury jewellery. Capiz necklaces is very affordable and can make you more comfortable natural fashion looks or design.

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Capiz shell as a pendant necklace is one of the alternative way for making your fashion lifestyle very unique. Mixed with your desired necklace design added with a capiz shell as a pendant for making more natural design. Available also in other seashells on which your fashion jewelry necklaces more fashionable and natural design.

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Capiz shell earrings for fashion jewelry is very rare popular because of it’s natural component. You can wear anytime, any occasion or events because of it’s highly fashionable style. Perfect for any dress you wear, events or any fashion lifestyle.

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Your fashion is not complete if you don’t have this cluth handbags, made of inlayed capiz shell perfect for your girly thing or staff. Clutch shell bags is very handy and very lights for addition of your fashion lifestyle every day or night. Most fashionista called this evening bags because most girls bring this bag during party a night.


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