Capiz Shell Crafts

capiz shell crafts


Did you know that these handcrafts are made of Capiz Shells?

Capiz shell is a bivalve marine mollusk where its outer shell is used for making handcrafts or in any commercial use. Capiz shell is named after one of the province of the Philippines which is Capiz since it is where it flourishes and very abundant.

Capiz shell curtains, chandeliers, lamp shades, lanterns, fashion jewelries, candle holders, shell tiles, and wall panels are just few of the products that could be made out of capiz shells. Capiz shell is known to be a very versatile material that you can do a lot of possible things with it. From fashion jewelries and accessories, gift items to home decorations you can see a lot of these crafts/products that are made of capiz shells.

Capiz Shell Crafts are one of the everyday living sources of some of the Filipino people. That’s why Philippines are known to be the primary exporter of capiz shell crafts. Filipino craftsmen and artisans take time to come up with this capiz shell crafts because it takes a lot of process to reproduce best quality products.

As captivating as it look like it is also an Eco-friendly product since it is made of raw materials. Capiz Shell Crafts embodies elegance and style that it would turn your simple room into a stylish one given the example is capiz shell wall panels. Instead of the usual painted walls, when you use capiz shells wall panels, it definitely converts your plain wall into a stylish and more captivating wall.

Capiz Shell crafts are very popular not only as a home decoration but also found in hotels, condominiums, malls, restaurants and on different architectural buildings.