The Versatile Capiz Shells Of The Philippines

capiz shells

With this beautiful translucent capiz shells nothing is thrown to waste. From its meat up to its shell it has its own use. It’s meat are edible and can be eaten while its shells can be made into a lot of possible things such as interior decorations like chandeliers, candle holders, lamps, curtains, picture frames and even wall panels and tiles. A lot of hotels and resorts use this finished products of capiz shells into decorating and designing their interiors to add more elegance and style on every room.


Capiz Shells finished products are not only seen on interior decorations but also in accessories and fashion jewelries like necklaces, bangles, clutch bag, earrings, coin purse, chokers, hairclips, and a lot more. This capiz shell jewelries never go out of style. You can definitely wear it in different occasions or even for everyday use.


These things just prove how versatile this capiz shells are. This being versatile just make us think more of things that could be made out of capiz shells.These finished products are sophisticated enough to add elegance within a certain area in any room.  From a plain shell turned into beautifully designed products, it is really a gift of nature.