Famous Capiz Shell Of The Philippines

Capiz Shell belong to a taxonomic family, Placunidae. It is scientifically known as Placuna Placenta also known as windowpane oyster, which is found on the coastal waters of the Philippines. Capiz shells being abundant here in the Philippines leads the people to discover possible things that could be made out of capiz shells specifically for commercial business.

capiz shell

The use of capiz shells in decorating homes started during spanish colonization. Houses during that time are styled with sliding windowpanes that are made of capiz shells rather than glass windows. Its translucent shade allows the sun light to come in even though the window is closed. Windowpanes made in capiz shells are considered as one of the most distinct and beautiful architectural details of old Philippine buildings.

Capiz Shells are versatile and elegant decorating raw materials. Some of the most popular capiz shell made products are lamp shades, curtains, floor lamps, table lamps, chandeliers,picture frame, candle holder, jewelries, handbags, bathroom accessories, walling panel,lanterns, plates and a lot more. This just proves that a lot can be made out of this shell.

Imagine how many things can be done from just a flat concave shell. Who wouldn’t love to have one of its finished products? With its stylish design and elegance you wouldn’t miss to have one. It’s popularity has never fade and a lot of people still want to have it decorated in their houses, restaurants or condominiums.

This finished products of capiz shells are not only in-demand locally in the Philippines but also in other countries already. A lot of foreigners are being captivated and attracted by this stylish and elegant creation of capiz shells.