Capiz Shells Supplier & Capiz Product Manufacturer
We are one of the leading supplier & manufacturer of all Philippine handmade product made of capiz shells.
Capiz Shell Chips
Capiz Shell Components
Capiz Shell Loose
Raw of Capiz Shells
Capiz Curtains

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Capiz Globe Chandelier Lantern
Capiz Lotus Chandelier
Capiz Chandeliers, Hanging Capiz Chandeliers, Capiz Shell Chandeliers
Square Capiz Chandeliers, Capiz Shell Chandeliers, Jumbo Size Capiz Chandelier, Big Capiz Chandeliers
Capiz Table Lamps
Capiz Floor Lamps

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Capiz Picture Frame
Capiz Candle Holder
Capiz Fashion Necklace
Capiz Clutch Handbags
Capiz Champagne Bath Accessories

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